The shangri-las remember

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Morton hired a teenage group from Queens , The Shangri-Las , to sing. Realizing that he did not have a song yet, he immediately wrote "Remember (Walking in the Sand)". There are several stories as to how it was written. One is that immediately upon his realization of not having a song, he stopped his car on the spot next to the ocean beach and there wrote the song. [ citation needed ] The song contains recurring seagulls-and-surf sound effects. [2] He used The Shangri-Las on the demo, which he himself produced. (A not-yet-famous Billy Joel is said by Morton to have played the piano chords that open the song.) Jeff Barry was impressed and Red Bird Records picked up the song for release and signed Morton and The Shangri-Las to contracts. According to some accounts, the original version was nearly seven minutes long. In order to fit the AM radio format of the time, the song had to be cut in length, but rather than edit it, Morton simply faded it out after 2:10. In another version Morton presents the demo to various Red Bird staffers, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Artie Butler [3] and others and they and some session musicians (including drummer Gary Chester [4] ) took the demo into the studio where it became, "a whole other record." [5]

The Shangri-Las RememberThe Shangri-Las RememberThe Shangri-Las RememberThe Shangri-Las Remember